Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps: The economical and ecological alternative

Are you suffering from rising energy prices? Are you concerned about the environment? You can reduce your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment with an air source heat pump. By taking advantage of renewable energy sources and the outside air, your central heating system can become up to 300% more efficient. An air source heat pump moves the heat contained in the air outside into your heating system to provide heat for your hot water or central heating. By cutting down on your gas bill, a renewable energy heating system can save you money and help save the environment.


Why install a more energy efficient method of heating your building?

  • Air Source heat pumps are compatible with existing heating systems.
  • Connect your heat pumps to radiators, under-floor heating or fan convectors.
  • Tried and tested technology.
  • Install a solar enabling kit and connect your pump to your solar panels.
  • No need to resize or replace existing radiators.

With an excellent range of both low and high temperature systems we offer the most advanced solutions for new build, renovation projects and retrofit installations ranging from rural homes and harder to heat bolder properties to city centre apartments. It is also ideal for apartment schemes and collective housing, as well as, light commercial heating applications in schools, leisure environments and more.


Reliable heating solutions

Climate Engineerings’ efficient heating solutions maximise the renewable energy all around us, converting free heat from the air and the sun to deliver completely reliable heating and hot water even when temperatures outside are below zero. Highly efficient and versatile heating and hot water solutions deliver high water flow temperatures of up to 80°C.
With two thirds of the heat generated from the renewable energy source of air, it’s an ideal solution for replacing existing oil, LPG or electric heating systems by reducing the total primary energy use. Air Source heat pumps are compatible with existing heating systems and our experts can easily install your system so you can benefit immediately.