R22 Replacement

R22 Replacement

R22 and the Ozone Regulation
Over the past decade a series of EU regulations has imposed ever-increasing restrictions on the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) such as R22 refrigerant, in order to meet international agreements to halt damage to the ozone layer, that can occur if these gases leak into the atmosphere. Such environmental damage is now known to be more severe than was understood when HCFCs were originally introduced in the 1980s to replace CFCs.
Under the latest ozone regulation, (EC Regulation 1005/2009), the end date for the phase-out has now passed: after 31 December 2014. It is now illegal to use R22 to service or maintain refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment.
This clearly has serious implications for all organisations who still have and rely upon equipment running on R22 refrigerant, as it will need to be replaced.


The key facts are as follows:

  • Only recycled or reclaimed R22 could be used from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2014.
  • You can continue to use your R22 air conditioning after the 1 January 2015 BUT it won’t be possible to service systems or have it repaired in the event of a breakdown.

But don’t worry, Climate Engineering Solutions Ltd can help you through the changeover process and we will be with you every step of the way.


We can:

  • Provide you with a FREE*, no obligation survey of your system
  • Help you to choose the most practical and cost efficient solution
  • Provide you with a range of phased replacement options
  • Provide you with flexible payment options to make the changeover as painless as possible


The Good News!
The good news is that any replacement equipment will be up to 50% more fuel efficient and thus significantly cheaper to run. Not only will you have cleaner, safer and legal air conditioning but you will save a significant amount on your running costs.